Thursday, January 18, 2018

Enjoying the Journey

As the students and faculty who were embarking on their pilgrimage to The March for Life were preparing yesterday, I reflected on my own trips to DC in January. I have to say that yesterday, I was happy and fortunate to be going home and sleeping in my own bed instead of on a bus, even if for the journey.

One journey that 50 of our students have embarked on is The March for Life. This March occurs every year in January, when the cold air hits the DC area, yet many from across the country brave the cold to stand up for those yet to be born.

The March for Life is an event that we all should experience at least once in our lifetime. Although I was fortunate not to have to sleep on a bus last night, I did sit back and think about how that is just part of the journey. Never do we reach or attain a goal without some sort of suffering on our part, and that bus ride, the cold of the windows, the attempts to sleep well while sitting upright, the timing of restroom breaks and meals, the calming of the temperments, is just an outward and physical sign of such suffering. We March to save humans, humans who might otherwise endure a greater suffering of a painful and untimely death. We March to bring awareness to others around us, the awareness that not all can be explained, but there is definite to what is morally right. We March so that others can see the opinion expressed by few is not the many. We March to proclaim our beliefs on the Right To Life.

I will say that I miss this journey and wish the best for all who are marching. I am thankful to have experienced it at least once in my life as it is moving. My thoughts on the March can transfer into everyday activities as well. Again, most of the good that comes to us is not easily achieved, we have to work for it, suffer a bit, and perservere. No fight is easy, but if important enough we will perservere.

Good luck and God Speed to all those on the March and know that each of us is fighting our own fight for some cause important to us. Keep up the fight, stand tall, perservere.

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