Friday, December 1, 2017

So Many Things To Do

So Many Things To Do 

There are so many things going on in Student Services right now.  This week we are updating resumes and giving an overview to the SCOIR program in House, the NHS has their Change a Child's Christmas Party on Saturday, December 9, and the NHS Blood Drive is on December 11.

The resumes are an ongoing process fostered through quarterly contact with the Houses. All freshman are assigned a sophomore mentor who will help them formulate their initial resume and update it periodically.  The sophomores and juniors both have upper class mentors to help them with updating as well and the seniors will be polishing their's throughout the remainder of this school year.  This is an ongoing process that continues throughout the four years here in order to help organize information for college applications and careers following high school.  For some, it is overwhelming but navigable once the process has been started.  I also give them some websites that help prepare them for college and career with this quarters focus on SCOIR.  Ask them to show you their accounts and how to navigate these sites.

All the final college application deadlines are approaching.  Please continue to finish your applications, apply to any and all scholarship interviews, and let me know of where your transcripts need to be sent through Parchment.  Continue to update your spreadsheets.  It helps all of us to stay organized.

For those of you getting presidential interviews and notifications, please let me know so that I can assist you with proper attendance paperwork for your absence, I can assist with interview preparation, and can help navigate any of the paperwork for which you may have questions. 

Juniors, you need to start college visits soon.  Examine the campuses and see what appeals to you. Look for your next home for the next four years.

Freshman and Sophomores, do not overlook the college representatives that come in. We want you to attend so you can start to get a feel of what you are looking for in an institution.

Finally, I would like to discuss final exam preparation.  For those stressing, look closely at your quarter grades. If you are sitting close to the next grade, either up or down, you want to place a great deal of focus studying for that exam. If you have a solid grade (ex. 88% Q1 and 88% Q2), just review as your grade is most likely not going to move a great deal one way or the other even if you ace the exam. Start to plan times now for studying. Ask your teachers in advance if you can have access to your tests from this semester for review. Ask for more review problems or a Study Plan in Math. Ask if you can get the review guide early to determine what you need to focus on. For those classes you need to spend more time on, give yourself an hour on weekends to review and 30 minutes daily. For the others, 30 minutes on the weekends right now will do.  Review, breathe, and know that it will all be ok as long as you prepare.