Thursday, August 24, 2017

Welcome Back To School

This year we welcome almost 70 students to the Freshman class as well as other transfer students who decided McGivney was where they really belong. Welcome to our family.

One of my summer reads was "The Marian Option: God's Solution to a Civilization in Crisis" by Carrie Gress. While reading, I came to a realization that in some ways, I am a sort of a matriarch at this school. I turn to Mary a great deal and being a mother myself, I know the pull in my heart when one of my children struggle, so does Mary. This gave me a renewed sense of purpose at McGivney, one where I try to help each and every student approaching all situations with an unconditional regard. Know that I am here to help and will do so with everything I have.  

We have quite a bit to tackle these first few weeks back to school and it is my hope that through this blog I can keep you updated on all the Student Services and Counseling activites. Please also check the Master Schedule on our website as I do post happenings there as well.

For those of you new to McGivney, I would like to explain our College Representative Visit process.  Most of the representatives come to visit during both lunch hours. The students are encouraged to attend no matter their grade level. On those days, most students grab their lunches, go to the room, meet with the representative, and eat while they are learning about each university's opportunities.  Again, all ages are encouraged and invited to attend.

Seniors, I am currently holding appointments with you and your parents to map out college application plans or your next steps following graduation.  If you have not yet signed up for an appointment with me, please follow this link to do so:  Links to the Common App, the FAFSA, and the McGivney College Scholarship Guide can be found on this page in 'Useful Links'.  You have been emailed details on how to create an FSA ID which needs to be completed AT LEAST 48 hours prior to filling out the FAFSA.  Most college applications are open now and even if you plan on taking another ACT before December, you can still apply as those scores can be sent later.  If you are looking to apply to an East or West Coast school, please see if they accept the ACT or if you need to take the SAT.  I have SAT information in my office and can help you with that application process even though we do not offer that test at McGivney.  A FAFSA workshop will be held at McGivney this coming fall.

Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores, the ACT test dates for this coming year have been set. The ACT link can be found under 'Useful Links' as well.  The next test date is October 28 with a registration deadline of September 22.  Seniors, the last ACT that colleges will be able to accept for your admittance would be the December 10 test date if you are applying under regular decision, but please notify your admissions rep if you are waiting to take the December ACT.

Juniors and Sophomores, the Illinois Regional College Fair will be held in the Meridian Ballroom of SIUE on Tuesday, October 24 from 6 to 7:30 pm.  More information can be found via this link: Plan on attending as there will be hundreds of college representatives available to you.  Find out when they have Open Houses, how they schedule visits, application requirements and more.

Email me with any suggestions of information you would like to see or opportunities I may have missed.