Tuesday, November 8, 2016

So Many Things To Do 

Griffin News is overpowered with things going on in Student Services right now.  This week we are starting resumes for the freshman class.  They are all assigned a sophomore mentor who will help them formulate their initial resume and update it periodically.  The sophomores and juniors both have upper class mentors to help them with updating as well and the seniors will be polishing their's this month.  This is an ongoing process that will continue throughout the four years here in order to help organize information for college applications and careers following high school.  For some, it is overwhelming but navigable once the process has been started.  I also give them some websites that help prepare them for college and career.  Ask them to show you their accounts and how to navigate these sites.

All the college application deadlines are approaching.  Please continue to finish your applications and let me know of where your transcripts need to be sent.  I can easily send them through Parchment, so you may order them through that service as well.  Continue to update your spreadsheets.  It helps all of us to stay organized.

For those of you getting presidential interviews and notifications, please let Mr. Scholz and I both know.  I will help with the paperwork for any presidential interviews and Mr. Scholz likes to recognize your accomplishments.

Finally, for the juniors, you need to start college visits soon.  Examine the campuses and see what appeals to you.  Look for your next home for the next four years.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Something Must Be Working

As I sat down to write this post, I happened to be in the National Honor Society after school peer tutoring.  I had just talked to a few of the students who come every Monday and every Thursday with no fail.  These students had performed exponentially better on their tests today than ever before and I couldn't help but get excited and revel in the fact that they had improved---something must be working.

The smiles on their faces when they told me said it all.  They were proud of themselves and at that moment believed that they could be successful, they will be.

It made me reflect on what we deem as success.  Is success measured by good grades?  Is it measured by the amount of money we make?  Is it achieving what we deem worthy? Or, could it be feeling good about ourselves and the difference we made today?  Whatever success means to you, for me it is seeing a group of teenagers being able to navigate their way through high school, being a friend to everyone they meet.

Today was a success.