Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Quarter

Well, here we are nearing the end of the first quarter for this school year.  It has been a quick nine weeks which will mirror the rest of the school year. This year as well as future years will fly by quicker than you can imagine.

For the Seniors, this time of year is full of promise. They are completing their college essays, requesting transcripts, contacting university representatives, and finalizing their college applications. Deadlines are approaching fast! December 1 is right around the corner and they are making sure all their t's are crossed and i's are dotted.

Juniors, this is your cue to start looking at university choices. Explore your options, visit college fairs, make arrangements for visiting college campuses and begin your discerning process for next year. It will all help when it comes down to application time for you next fall, yes I said NEXT FALL.

Sophomores, it is not too early to start your exploration.  Keep your grades up, seek out tutoring if needed, consult your teachers, whatever it takes to keep your GPA at the level you deem appropriate. Also, attend the college fair at SIUE on October 24. Yes, you can go and explore the different universitites who will be on their campus. Please go to the College Fair page on this blog for more infomration.

Freshmen, you are just beginning this journey. Know that these quarter grades do not go on your final transcript but are instead averaged with the second quarter for your semester grade which does go on your final transcript. You still have time to bring your grades up to where you want them, where they need to be to satisfy your personal goals. 

For all of you, know we as the teachers, tutors, and administration are here to help you and guide you on this journey.

Seniors, remember you have 6 weeks. Good Luck and God Speed!

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